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Sites We Like

NB: The Washington History Society has no responsibility for the content on other websites


http://www.raggyspelk.co.uk/  Excellent and growing collection of photographs and stories

http://www.photomemoriesarchive.org.uk/ A project to scan and upload 120,000 historic photographs of the North East from the Ward Philipson collection!

http://www.newmp.org.uk/  The most comprehensive recording of names listed on North East World War One memorial sites.

http://www.dmm.org.uk/mindex.htm  This site covers mining in the Northern part of England i.e. County Durham (DUR), Northumberland (NBL), Cumberland (CUL), Westmorland (WES) and the Ironstone mines of North Yorkshire (NRY).

http://wwmp.weebly.com  The recording of World War 1 casualties from Washington by the Wessington U3A War Memorials Group 

http://www.durhamatwar.org.uk/  A First World War centenary project slinking archives, objects and sites that survive today and uncover new stories about local communities 100 years ago.

http://www.washingtonvib.com/home  Washington In Bloom- a voluntary group who maintain the flower beds and scrubs in Washington Village

http://nelh.net/ The North East Labour History Society is Britain’s oldest regional labour history society. It is dedicated to the study of working people’s history in the region, particularly during the modern period.

It includes some fascinating oral histories including those of Usworth miner Jim Tatters (1921 to 2013) http://http://nelh.net/resources-library/oral-history/oral-history-trades-unions/oral-history-trades-unions-jim-tatters/

https://sites.google.com/site/fatfieldsite/home   A comprehensive history of the Fatfield and Riverside areas of Washington

https://englandsnortheast.co.uk/  A content rich site for the North East from Northumberland to Yorkshire, covering Arts and Culture, Heritage and History, places to visit and stay, and the people of the region